Safely Harnessing AI Power

Empowering you to safely utilise powerful AI systems through comprehensive research and user-friendly tools, tackling trustworthiness challenges for a secure future.

Our Vision

Alongside AI-driven productivity growth, safety and trustworthiness concerns surface.

The future holds a vision of AI-led productivity growth where humans utilise AI-based tools to effortlessly complete mundane tasks. This vision, however, is not without challenges. Trustworthiness remains the greatest hurdle in the widespread adoption of AI systems. Without proper handling, foundational models risk entangling users in legal and ethical dilemmas. Realising the potential for foundational models hinges on substantial breakthroughs in safety, ensuring AI can be used with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Roadmap

We develop novel tools for secure, responsible AI usage.

We strive to democratise safe AI usage for everyone, including small businesses and individuals. Our strategy combines rigorous research for trustworthy AI and the design of user-friendly tools. These tools help navigate potential issues in deploying AI-based products, enabling responsible and secure AI usage across all scales.


Our leadership spearheads the mission to make AI utilisation safe and accessible for all.

  • Young Hwa Park


  • Dr Seong Joon Oh

    Advisory Board

  • Dr Martin Gubri

    Research Lead